Our farm is surrounded by lush meadows and forest at 1130 m at the sunny side of Naturns. Away from traffic and noise, you will find relaxation and pure nature. Beautiful walks and an unforgettable view await you. Four beautiful apartments invite you to spend your best days of the year with us. If you are looking for something very special then you have come to the right place. After giving up the dairy cows, llamas and alpacas now inhabit our farm. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Numerous hiking trails lead to rustic alpine pastures, high up on majestic mountain peaks, to fabulous mountain lakes, etc. From our farm, you can get on the famous Meraner Höhenweg. A fantastic hiking trail from spring to late autumn.

But the farm and the surrounding area are beautiful even in winter. Romantic white snow-covered forests, the tranquility in the white mountains - a quiet season. Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoeing, ski touring etc. The little guests visit the children's ski school or they are cared for in the Ötzilino Kids' Club.

Pictures from the surrounding area

Nearby villages

Naturns lies at an altitude of around 530 m surrounded by vineyards and orchards. On the Sonnenberg with its subtropical vegetation, the well-known Riesling grows to a height of 900m, to which Naturns annually dedicates a festival. Naturno's main attractions include the ancient Proculus Church, Juval Castle with Reinhold Messner's Museum, and Hochnaturns Castle. Our guests enjoy free admission to the Erlebnisbad Naturns all year round, including a sauna.

The Schnalstal shows a variety of scenic and cultural characteristics. Rich facets and contrasts, tradition and innovation, impressive testimonies of traditional customs. Between vineyards at the southern entrance to glittering ice on the glacier: every meter of altitude characterizes landscapes and characters. This makes the Schnalstal one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes on the sunny side of the Alps - with an exciting culture.